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On this 4th of July, 2020, we hope you enjoy love of family, thoughts of friends, and times of peace and good health. Happy 4th from Yours Humanly!


Yours Humanly has launched its 2020 BookFest Read-a-thon, sponsored by Amazon, a summer fundraiser that encourages reading while helping children in need. Participants reach out to their family, friends, and social circles and ask for one-time donations to support their reading efforts on behalf of Yours Humanly. Sponsors choose the amount they wish to donate and participants honor those sponsorships by doing something they already love to do—read.
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Yours Humanly is pleased to announce the launch of its 2020 BookFest Read-a-thon, sponsored by Amazon, a summer fundraiser that encourages reading while helping children in need. Funds raised go toward our New Normal Learning Fund, which will provide the distance learning tools, educational supplies, and equitable resources needed to create safe and productive classrooms and school experiences for children in need during the pandemic and into the 2020-2021 academic year. The Yours Humanly 2020 BookFest Read-a-thon runs June 15–July 31, 2020. Registration is free and open to all readers and Yours Humanly supporters around the world. Read more about the 2020 BookFest Read-a-thon and register here.


Yours Humanly is thankful to have had the opportunities to support underserved elementary school students with educational supplies and distance learning tools this academic year. We are determined to meet the challenges and obstacles of the current health crisis head on, and to continue to raise funds to support our local and global educational programs for underprivileged children in underserved communities. We don’t know what the new school year has in store for students and teachers. We don’t know what classrooms or curricula will look like. We do know the needs will be different, and in many cases greater, for students and teachers as they return to redesigned classrooms, staggered schedules, and less social environments. We stand side by side with educational communities, and we will do everything we can, in collaboration with multiple school districts and educational experts, to help ensure smooth transitions back to classrooms and successful school years ahead.


We extend our happiest and most heartfelt congratulations to the Class of 2020! You’ve earned a place in the record books! You have completed your studies and earned your diplomas against the backdrop of a health crisis that has kept us indoors, online, and at safe distances from our family, friends, teachers, coaches, and colleagues. You have graduated into a new normal that is yet to be defined, but which holds great opportunities for those with open hearts and willing spirits. You are among the young leaders and visionaries who will set the course and shine the light on new and innovative ways to learn, engage, connect, and succeed. Congratulations Class of 2020!


We are pleased to welcome Ms. Gina Choe to the Board of Directors of Yours Humanly.
Gina Choe is Northern California Client Operations Manager for City National Bank, responsible for leading and managing the client and operational service teams for its commercial banking regional offices.
Gina’s personal stories have inspired her to engage with Yours Humanly and to contribute in any way she can to further its mission to “empower underprivileged children in underserved communities around the world by providing access to educational programs and resources.”


Thank you, Teachers, everywhere, for doing so much for your students—the children and young people who mean so much to us! Every day you are there, helping your students continue their studies and helping them to learn in new and virtual ways—helping them to respond to social distancing and shelter in place with positivity and good spirit.
With great respect and gratitude, we thank you for ensuring that learning continues and that our children continue to benefit from your experience, talents, and creativity. Your lives are full with your own families and children and parents, and yet you make time in your schedule to help our children continue to receive the education they deserve and maintain the connections that matter so much to them.
Thank you, Teachers, for helping our children navigate this crisis and showing them that together, we will get through it. You are our heroes.


Yours Humanly is pleased to announce that our founder and CEO Sunny Singh has been honored with a 2020 Jefferson Award, the most prestigious and longest-standing public service award in the United States. Sunny was chosen for his dedication to ensuring that children everywhere are afforded a chance in life through access to quality education that will help them succeed in school and thrive beyond the classroom. Read More


Yours Humanly works to serve immediate needs, especially during disasters. Due to this crisis, we are implementing a COVID-19 Aid Initiative and urgently raising funds to support local and global efforts to provide morning and midday meals for children who need food; distance learning tools for teachers and children, such as laptops and Chromebooks to use at home and internet hotspots for families without internet; and educational supplies. We need your support. Give Today!


Yours Humanly has announced three recipients of its quarterly Children Have the Power to Empower® Award, which recognizes children for their outstanding acts of goodness. The Children Have the Power to Empower® Award showcases “service to others” in a meaningful way and demonstrates to family, friends, and community that even children have the power to empower when they lend a helping hand and an open heart.


Read the full press release here.