Partners & Supporters

In an effort to better understand the cultures and educational systems with which we work and to meet the diverse educational needs of children we serve, we form associations with recognized foundations, associations, organizations, and businesses. The more we know, the greater our ability to improve our organization, enhance the impact we have on the children we serve, and honor those who support our mission through donations and volunteerism. The greater our strategic alliances, the better equipped we are to push forward with our mission to empower the world’s most vulnerable children through access to quality education.

We are sincerely grateful to the businesses, organizations, and foundations that have made it possible for us to establish our presence, grow our programs, and expand our services into multiple countries, including the United States, Cambodia, India, Nepal, the Philippines, and Haiti. If you are a business, organization, or foundation that would like to be a part of transforming the life of a child forever, please join forces with Yours Humanly and become a Yours Humanly strategic partner. Please contact us at