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It’s time to lace up your sneakers and Break a Sweat for Education®. Funds raised by this popular family-friendly event support the local and global programs of Yours Humanly, a Northern California-based nonprofit that transforms the lives of children in need around the world by providing access to quality education and equitable resources.
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This spring, Sunny Singh, founder and CEO of Yours Humanly, was honored with a 2020 Jefferson Award for Public Service, recognized for his work by the most prestigious and longest-standing public service awards program in the United States. Sunny was chosen for his dedication to underprivileged children and for the work he has performed helping students in need receive access to quality education that will help them succeed in school and thrive beyond the classroom. A profile of Sunny and Yours Humanly was produced to acknowledge his award and has aired on KPIX Ch. 5 TV. Click here and follow the link to the video. Enjoy! And thank you for your support on behalf of the children we serve.


We are pleased to announce that Renee Mendonca (Staten Island, NY), Rhea Mendonca (Staten Island, NY), and Maya Blake (Montrose, CO) are each recipients of a 2020 Yours Humanly Children Have the Power to Empower® Award.
Congratulations to Renee, Rhea, and Maya!
Learn more about the Children Have the Power to Empower® Award recipients and their work.


It’s time to lace up your sneakers and break a sweat for education!
Early Bird Registration for our 6th Annual Break a Sweat for Education® Virtual Fundraiser Run and Walk is now open. Register Today!


We are pleased to welcome Mr. Andy Anastassiou to the Board of Directors of Yours Humanly.
Andy Anastassiou brings more than 23 years of experience in global strategic account management and sales leadership to the Yours Humanly organization. Originally from England, Andy now holds dual-citizenship and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and children.
Andy is passionate about the care and safety of children, our world’s most innocent populations and our future. “Education is the way out of poverty—that’s key. When we help a child in need, the educational tools, technology, resources, and the very act of caring will be a part of that child’s life forever.”
When Andy met the Yours Humanly board members, he felt their passion immediately. “I hear it in their voices, I see it in their faces. This is an organization focused on giving children a forever gift and lifting those in need out of poverty with longterm solutions. I’m excited to do my part to advance that mission.”


On August 19, 2020, Yours Humanly was awarded a $1,000 grant from the Clayton Valley/Concord Sunrise Rotary Club to fund Chromebooks for students of Bel Air Elementary in Bay Point, CA. We are grateful to Clayton Valley/Concord Sunrise Rotary Club for believing in our work and for their generous support and partnership.


On this 4th of July, 2020, we hope you enjoy love of family, thoughts of friends, and times of peace and good health. Happy 4th from Yours Humanly!


Yours Humanly has launched its 2020 BookFest Read-a-thon, sponsored by Amazon, a summer fundraiser that encourages reading while helping children in need. Participants reach out to their family, friends, and social circles and ask for one-time donations to support their reading efforts on behalf of Yours Humanly. Sponsors choose the amount they wish to donate and participants honor those sponsorships by doing something they already love to do—read.
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Yours Humanly is pleased to announce the launch of its 2020 BookFest Read-a-thon, sponsored by Amazon, a summer fundraiser that encourages reading while helping children in need. Funds raised go toward our New Normal Learning Fund, which will provide the distance learning tools, educational supplies, and equitable resources needed to create safe and productive classrooms and school experiences for children in need during the pandemic and into the 2020-2021 academic year. The Yours Humanly 2020 BookFest Read-a-thon runs June 15–July 31, 2020. Registration is free and open to all readers and Yours Humanly supporters around the world. Read more about the 2020 BookFest Read-a-thon and register here.


Yours Humanly is thankful to have had the opportunities to support underserved elementary school students with educational supplies and distance learning tools this academic year. We are determined to meet the challenges and obstacles of the current health crisis head on, and to continue to raise funds to support our local and global educational programs for underprivileged children in underserved communities. We don’t know what the new school year has in store for students and teachers. We don’t know what classrooms or curricula will look like. We do know the needs will be different, and in many cases greater, for students and teachers as they return to redesigned classrooms, staggered schedules, and less social environments. We stand side by side with educational communities, and we will do everything we can, in collaboration with multiple school districts and educational experts, to help ensure smooth transitions back to classrooms and successful school years ahead.