The Role of ALL in Education’s Future


Yours Humanly

October 10, 2018

The Role of ALL in Education’s Future

The idea of caring about a child’s education for the benefit of their well-being is not a new one, but rather a notion that’s become so well ingrained in our society, it is more of an expectation then an actualization. It’s taken us a long time to get to this shared ideology, so where we go from here, matters greatly, and should be guided not only by educational practitioners, but by all who seek to believe that the expectation of education be one cemented in growth and opportunity. Education systems the world over have long practiced interdisciplinary, creative partnerships that bring private, public and philanthropic visions together to impact the frameworks of educational institutions. The United States, arguably the most fluent in these types of partnerships, has one the largest of its kind, represented by our nations charter school system. Regardless of the size or scope of these kind of partnerships, the underlying power of their dynamism is key in addressing efforts towards inclusive, equitable, and sustainable education reforms.

Since the 1980’s, Public Private Partnerships (PPP’s) have been a main stay in US public policy, and have helped to shape many of our nation’s civil services, including education. Philanthropic and non-profit organizations, such as Yours Humanly, have long played a role in mitigating and holding accountable partnerships between private and public entities. Ensuring that the gap between what government and school districts provide, and what schools and students actually need, is met. We’ve learned through our work here at Yours Humanly, that educational disparity thrives on the backbone of bureaucracy. Hence a third-party merit holder, a third eye, so to speak, to discern clear direction and purpose is key. The flexibility of non-profits and their philanthropic dollars to address and combat some of the more complex social issues in education, make them an indispensable resource on the ground level. We believe that if guided by the demands of teachers and administrators, non-profits can provide a higher platform for educator’s voices to be heard.

Yours Humanly projects are always in direct response to the disparities faced by lower funded districts, schools, and communities; in need of not only educational support, but of advocacy. In all that we strive to do, in both our Coloring Futures and Bridging Gaps programs, we maintain that a vision of hope for ALL students’ academic futures is a promising way forward. Coming together, regardless of our stake or share in the matter, to address issues that are challenging our schools, teachers, and students is a community effort and investment. Quoting our founder Sunny Singh, “we cannot change the life of every underprivileged child around the world, but we can change the world of every child we help” reminds us that our efforts to help will proliferate; and no matter the size, they will inevitably insight larger change.

Magdalena Gonzalez

Magdalena is an Anthropologist working in the field of education. She believes education is a key tool towards abating societal inequities that perpetuate disenfranchised communities. Her current research is focused on global citizenry in the 21st century and educations role in international understanding.