What We Do

Quality education is a basic human right—yet, children living in poverty and compromised conditions are the least likely to attend and complete school.

Yours Humanly U.S.

Millions of students in low-income schools across the United States do not have access to the academic tools and competitive programs they need to fully test their potential. The challenges in accessing continuous quality education are far and wide for children in foster care, subsidized households, and vulnerable communities.

Yours Humanly Global

Millions of young children worldwide are denied a fair and equal chance in life because they are not being educated. Millions are not attending school, or they are struggling to stay in school because they are poor or because they are working the streets—or because they are girls.

Through our two flagship initiatives, Coloring Futures and Bridging Gaps, Yours Humanly works to provide underprivileged children in underserved communities around the world access to educational programs and resources—pathways to better, brighter futures.


K–12 Scholarships

We provide K-12 scholarships that promote student enrollment of underprivileged children around the world. By partnering with local schools and monitoring progress regularly, we are able to cover tuition, uniforms, books, study materials, school supplies, and all other educational needs for students served by Yours Humanly from placement through 12th grade graduation.

STEAM Programs

We fund and build upon STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) programs to encourage student innovation and critical thinking when learning about real-world problems.

Literacy Programs

We host literacy programs to promote reading, parent engagement, and opportunities for community involvement in local schools. Internationally, we place English instructors where needed to strengthen bilingual language competencies.

After School & Enrichment Programs

We provide assistance with after school programs to support and reinforce classroom curricula and fund the continuation of extracurricular activities that promote enrichment and well roundedness.


Computers, Internet & Technology

We fund new computer labs, upgrade existing labs, and provide computer science instructors, where needed, to advance technological literacy.

Books, Backpacks & School Supplies

We fund the purchase of books, backpacks, school supplies, and other educational materials for individual schools and classrooms to bridge the gap between available resources and need.

Facility Needs

We fund basic facility needs that are deemed necessary to establish and maintain safe and effective learning environments.