Our Impact

Your generosity funds the education and enhanced opportunities of children in need, through local projects that you can see in action in your own communities, and global projects that reach beyond national borders.

Once we have touched the life of a child, the impact is evident in that child’s life wherever he or she may journey. And, our work transforms not only the life of that child, but that of the child’s family and community, and the world forever.

In the stories below, you’ll see our mission come to life. You’ll see how we educate and empower, break the cycle of poverty, set children on a positive path, restore hope, and brighten futures through the power of education. We can only do this with your continued support and generous donations.


Computers and Technology

Cambodia 2019

Through our Bridging Gaps initiative, we funded the purchase and placement of 30 computers at People Improvement Organization (PIO) school in Cambodia, where underprivileged children from impoverished neighborhoods receive free education. This project benefited more than 1,200 students at PIO. The computers are being used for classes in web design, coding, and office applications, as well as educational applications in math and English. We are delighted and honored to be a part of this impactful effort! Click here to view photos.


If you would like to help underprivileged children in Cambodia, please donate here and let us know how you would like your donation directed.

STEM Supplies

United States 2019

Yours Humanly provided much needed STEM supplies to Sun Terrace Elementary in Concord, California, a school that has a STEM program in place, but has, until now, lacked the actual supplies to run it. STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and math) focuses on real-world issues and problem solving by incorporating the four disciplines into lesson plans. STEM is the foundation for curricula across the country and we believe the 450 students of Sun Terrace, a Title 1 school, should benefit from a robust STEM program as a part of the quality education they deserve.
Yours Humanly funded STEM supplies for a full school year, helping to ensure the implementation and success of its STEM education program. This donation was made possible through our Bridging Gaps initiative, and we’re honored to be a part of this STEM education effort!
Click here to view photos.


Do you want to see STEM and Arts education in more Title 1 elementary schools, benefitting thousands of children in need? Please donate here.

Chromebooks and Classroom Libraries

United States 2019

The Paradise Elementary School building was completely destroyed in the December 2018 Butte County fires. Members of the Yours Humanly board visited Paradise, California, and toured the burnt school site. Following the tour, they met with Paradise Unified School District officials, and the principal, staff, and students of the Paradise Elementary, now holding classes in a renovated school building 35 minutes away in Oroville.
Through our Bridging Gaps initiative, Yours Humanly presented Paradise USD with a check in the amount of $15,000 to help with the rebuilding process. The funds, among other things, will go toward the purchase of Chromebooks and classroom libraries, benefitting hundreds of students of Paradise Elementary and those who will attend in years to come.


If you would like to help build and stock school libraries, providing access to books and promoting literacy, please donate here.

Kerala Flood Relief

India 2018

In August 2018, Kerala, India, experienced a flood disaster unparalleled in nearly a century. The Yours Humanly team responded immediately, traveling thousands of miles to assist hundreds of families and children who had lost everything, as well as schools that had been severely affected. Two schools in particular in the Ernakulam District needed immediate help. Through our Bridging Gaps initiative, Yours Humanly funded a number of efforts, including infrastructure repairs and donations of clothes and shoes, and books and educational supplies. Additionally, we donated kitchen utensils so the schools could continue their much-needed lunch programs. Both schools received new computers, a library, outdoor play structures, and more.
The students of Kerala live in an extremely impoverished community; many belong to labor-class fisherman families. All were in dire need of relief and support. Yours Humanly strives to assist people in times of crisis, no matter the distance. Thank you to everyone who has donated to this effort and helped to re-stabilize the families in Kerala. We are grateful for your generous and continued support of the work we do. Disaster relief is critical to helping children and families recover from natural disasters. Please donate here to help us be ready for the next event.

STEM and Literacy Programs

United States 2018

In November, Yours Humanly presented MDUSD Education Foundation with a check in the amount of $1,655 at Westwood Elementary School, Concord, CA. Provided through our Coloring Futures initiative, the funds will help bring hands-on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) and literacy programs to thousands of MDUSD students.


If you would like to be a part of bringing STEM and Arts programs into Title 1 schools, please donate here.

Family STEAM Night

United States 2018

Yours Humanly supported an educational program through our Coloring Futures initiative at Rio Vista Elementary School in Bay Point, California, where we had previously donated books. The school puts on an annual event called Family STEAM Night and welcomes families to join their students and participate in the educational activities, let by experienced STEAM instructors. The focus of the event is on parent involvement while teaching students innovation and critical thinking skills. STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) represents the core curricula tenets of educational systems around the country, based on real-world applications. Yours Humanly provided the STEAM materials and foundation for program implementation, benefitting 150 students at Rio Vista. If you would like to help fund similar projects at other low-income elementary schools and encourage young students to become involved in STEAM, please donate today.

A Book for Every Student

United States 2018

Everyone who grew up reading at school and at home remembers the role those books played in crafting their worldview, improving their knowledge of the world around them, and delighting their imaginations. Yours Humanly believes reading is a cornerstone of educational success and building life learners. At Rio Vista Elementary School in Bay Point, California, a low-income Title 1 school, we donated 600 books, more than enough to provide every student with at least one book of their own. Students were thrilled to learn that they’d be receiving a book, which will be sent home for each child during parent-teacher conferences. We are delighted to have made an impact in this community through our Bridging Gaps initiative.


Books are the gifts that keep on giving. Please help us to continue to give to children in need by donating here.

Computers, Printers, and Books

United States 2018

At Bel Air Elementary School in Bay Point, California, many students are English learners, and most of their parents speak very little English, if any, at home. This is a low-income, diverse area, and having access to proper learning materials is essential to the success of these young students as they begin their education journey. In response to the challenges faced by young English learners, Yours Humanly donated dozens of Spanish to English bilingual books. The English learners can now read, translate, and learn in both languages, gaining confidence in their improving reading and English-speaking skills. Their parents, too, are able to read with them and help them with their studies and school work.
Additionally, Bel Air Elementary was in dire need of updating its community center, used by students and their parents. We live in an increasingly technological world of computers and online communication and commerce. If there is any hope of succeeding during the educational journey, it is imperative that students have access to computers, printers, and the Internet. To ensure that Bel Air students and their parents have access to state-of-the-art technology, Yours Humanly donated new computers and printers, fresh out of their boxes, to the school community center, benefitting hundreds of children and their parents. Both projects are a part of our Bridging Gaps initiative.


Please help us to continue providing critical computer technologies to students in need by donating here.

Bilingual Books for ESL Students

United States 2018

Being bilingual is a natural part of many upbringings, especially among people who have immigrated to the United States in hopes of pursuing a better life. Yours Humanly is mindful of the challenges of moving to an unfamiliar land, learning to speak a new language, and building a sense of confidence and self-esteem in the face of language barriers.
At Sun Terrace Elementary School in Concord, California, many students from a number of cultures who do not yet speak English have recently enrolled in school. To make the English-learning journey for those who speak Urdu easier for them and their families, several ESL students were gifted books in both English and Urdu, a language similar to Hindi and spoken in parts of India, Pakistan, and Fiji. The donation from Yours Humanly, a part of our Bridging Gaps initiative, will help these students as they learn English in school and read and write with their parents at home.


Please donate here to help us purchase and deliver bilingual books to students in need eager to learn.



Bilingual Books for ESL Students

United States 2018

We have seen a large influx of immigrant families arriving in California and enrolling their children in schools, but watching them struggle as they learn to speak, read, and write English. In Concord, California, that is certainly the case at multiple Title 1 elementary schools. At Cambridge Elementary, many English learners speak Spanish or Dari (one of the major languages in Afghanistan) at home, with parents who may not speak English at all. Learning another language is difficult enough without the added pressure of doing so in a fast-paced school setting. To address this challenge, Yours Humanly donated several bilingual books in both Dari-to-English and Spanish-to-English to Cambridge Elementary through our Bridging Gaps initiative, with the intent of easing ESL student struggles in the classroom and better equipping parents to help their children with homework and reading at home.


Please help us help English learners by donating here.

Backpacks and School Supplies

Haiti 2018

At Center of Hope School in Hinche, Haiti, students are in desperate need of donations to continue their education. The students there come from impoverished backgrounds with families that cannot even afford to put them through school. Most of what the students and schools have is donated to them, and Yours Humanly wanted to play a role in helping these precious children succeed.
We traveled to Hinche and distributed 120 fully stocked backpacks to the students, as well as other essential school and classroom supplies that will help the students continue their education. Achieving a decent education is difficult enough in places affected by poverty without the burden of having to rely on outside assistance for learning tools and supplies. We are honored to have made a difference at Center of Hope School through our Bridging Gaps initiative, and look forward to watching as the students progress in their educational journey with the proper tools and materials in hand.
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Please help us help children in Haiti who deserve an opportunity for a quality education by donating here.

Computer Education

United States 2018

Many underserved schools in low-income areas cannot afford critical educational supplies or computer technology for their students, leaving children at a disadvantage when it comes to their educational experiences. This is where Yours Humanly takes the lead through our Bridging Gaps initiative, which empowers young students in impoverished areas by closing the gaps between need and available resources and providing tools needed to succeed in school. We teamed up with the Oral Lee Brown Foundation in Oakland, California, to fund the purchase and placement of computers and peripheral equipment, benefitting 100 children in need. The Oral Lee Brown Foundation offers educational assistance and mentoring to underprivileged children in the Oakland area.
Having the proper tools for learning is critical for educational success, as is having an experienced and engaged mentor in place for the students. So, Yours Humanly will also help with placing a volunteer instructor who teaches computer science and coding. We are excited about this partnership project and look forward to watching young minds progress with proper tutelage and supplies in place.
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If you believe in the empowering nature of computer education, please help us help children in need by donating here.

Family Literacy Night

United States 2018

Yours Humanly partnered with Stege Elementary in Richmond, California, a Title 1 school, to host a Family Literacy Night held in the school auditorium. The event was a huge success and families and staff who attended had a great time reading and participating in literacy activities. To promote reading and parent engagement, we also handed out hundreds of free storybooks to students for them to take home and read alone or with their parents or caregivers. Family Literacy Night is a program of our Coloring Futures initiative.
If you believe, as we do, that literacy programs help children build strong reading skills and become lifelong learners, we ask for your support so we can expand our Family Literacy Night programs to other schools and more children in need. Click here to donate!

Post Hurricane Harvey: Backpacks and School Supplies

United States 2017

Hurricane Harvey, a Category 4 hurricane, made landfall in Texas on Friday, August 25. It hit the first week of school, severely damaging schools, closing classrooms, and utterly destroying precious school supplies and educational materials, affecting hundreds of students of Houston Independent School District.
Yours Humanly took the lead in providing 500 fully packed school backpacks to elementary school students who attend Peck Elementary and Durkee Elementary in Houston, Texas. We sent the students back to school with brand new backpacks and the supplies they need to continue their studies: notebooks, pencils, markers, rulers, sharpeners, paper, glue sticks, folders, crayons, and other critical school supplies.
We express our sincere thanks and gratitude to Rotary Club of Walnut Creek, Dixon Ticonderoga, Cogenics Consulting Group, and Go Pro for sponsoring this initiative. We would also like to thank our individual donors, supporters, and volunteers, for their contributions of funds and time.
Click here to view photos.


If you’d like to make a difference in the lives of children in need through disaster relief, please donate here.

K-12 Scholarships

India 2017

Under our Coloring Futures initiative, Yours Humanly enrolled several underprivileged children in their local school in Sahaspur, India. Our K-12 Scholarship Program covers the full cost of tuition, uniforms, books, study materials, school supplies, mid-day meals, and all other educational needs for these children. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, these children from impoverished homes and shelters are guaranteed a quality education from placement through 12th grade graduation—a promise from Yours Humanly that will change their lives forever.
With your support, we can help many more children in need gain access to a quality education. If you’d like to help children in India, we welcome your donations. Please click here to donate.

Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief

United States 2017

Yours Humanly provided critical relief supplies to hundreds of families, including many with infants and toddlers, displaced by Hurricane Harvey in Rockport, Texas.
Thanks to our generous donors, we distributed diapers, baby wipes, baby food, sanitizers, juice boxes, granola bars, socks, crayons, toys, cleaning supplies, and many other family-friendly relief items to help ease the pain and fear caused by this natural disaster.
This effort was made possible through our Bridging Gaps initiative. Click here to view photos.


If you would like to help those who suffer at the hands of natural disasters, please donate here

Backpacks and School Supplies

United States 2017

Under our Bridging Gaps initiative, Yours Humanly donated backpacks filled with school supplies to 200 children from subsidized households in Concord, California. Students need proper tools and supplies to succeed in the classroom. These donations will make a profound impact on the lives and learning experiences of these children, many of whom are enjoying their very first backpacks and sets of school supplies. We express our sincere thanks and gratitude to Rotary Club of Lafayette, California, for its partnership and generous contribution. Click here to view photos.
If you’d like to help us with providing backpacks and school supplies to many more needy children please click here to donate.

Computer Education for Girls

India 2017

Under our Bridging Gaps initiative, Yours Humanly funded the purchase and placement of several computers and peripheral equipment at a school for underprivileged girls in Pune, India, benefitting 550 students. Because of this effort, the school now offers computer education as a part of its curriculum, giving these girls the opportunity to learns about computers and technology through hands-on instruction and use. This donation provides the girls—already at risk simply because they are girls—a chance for quality, competitive education and a foundation for a bright future.
If providing computer education to girls in need is important to you, we’d love your support for our Bridging Gaps initiative in India. Click here to donate.

Computer Education

Nepal 2017

At Yours Humanly we believe every student in every school around the world should have access to computer technology. Under our Bridging Gaps initiative we funded the purchase and placement of several computers at an underserved school in Kathmandu, Nepal, benefitting 200 children in need. We live in a world that requires computer literacy to succeed. This donation has introduced technology into the lives (and futures) of these children in need.
We can only help these many children through the support of generous donors and sponsors, and we welcome your support of our Bridging Gaps initiative in Nepal. Click here to donate!

Electricity, Computers, and Internet

Cambodia 2017

Under our Bridging Gaps initiative, we brought electricity to the Ang Tnot school in Takeo, Cambodia, and equipped the school with fans, computers, and a computer science instructor, benefitting 600 children attending the school, and thousands of children who will attend in years to come. Ang Tnot now offers computer education as a part of its curriculum, giving these children in need a fair chance in their young lives and a solid foundation for their adulthood. Click here to view photos.
Will you help? Donate today to support computer education in Cambodia.