Dreaming and Acting for Tomorrow


Yours Humanly

January 11, 2019

Dreaming and Acting for Tomorrow

The start of a new year brings to light our past blessings and hopeful wishes of tomorrow. It excites our collective consciousness towards endeavors we hope to fulfill, and goals we brave our minds to conceive. We are gifted the visions of our dreams, if only for a moment, to help us see what it is we truly want to do, and want to be. Beginning a new year is indeed a special time for us here at Yours Humanly.

Rooted in all we seek to do, for all the children we have the opportunity to serve, is a simple dream for a brighter tomorrow. The original foundation that Yours Humanly stands on started with a story and a dream, that has since developed into a vision of change with footing in schools and communities that need support not with just technological upgrades and backpacks, but with re-envisioning their own dreams of inclusive, equitable, and quality education for their students. Our work has evolved tremendously from when we first started, and much of that has been a result of simply listening to our partners thoughts on how the collective dream of educating ALL students has come out of focus. Last year our eyes and ears kept us close to home, and gave us the opportunity to see that challenges of access and quality are not solely found in remote school houses abroad, but exist anywhere were disenfranchised communities persist. The lenses we look through now are more informed than they once were, and more eager than ever to combat the challenges at hand.

In the spirit of the season, here are a few of Yours Humanly goals and projects for the New Year:

Enhance our global efforts.
  • K-12 scholarships for new students in Haiti, Cambodia, India, and Nepal
  • Computer lab in Nepal in partnership with Teach for Nepal
  • Computer lab in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for extremely marginalized students
Increase resources of access to students and their families.
  • In class libraries and Chromebooks for Paradise Elementary
  • STEM supplies to multiple schools in the local Bay Area
  • Family Art Backpacks Program – a transportable arts and literature based curriculum designed to provide accessible arts experiences within classroom settings, create new contexts from which to build family-school relationships and partnerships, facilitate connections across families, and promote learning from and with families.
Continue active responsiveness.
  • Provide assistance to schools in Puerto Rico still struggling from Hurricane Maria

Growing strong enough to serve the needs of all underserved students and their communities will forever be our wildest dream here at Yours Humanly, and will continue to directly fuel our imaginations and actions as a nonprofit. Our efforts of support and advocacy for schools both at local levels and internationally help keep our goals adherent to the value of cross cultural perspectives on what it means to truly educate students in and for the 21st century. From where we stand the future looks bright, and may just require a little bit of that new year spirit to keep its vision clear. From all of us here at Yours Humanly, we thank you for dreaming and acting with us, and wish you a Happy New Year!

Magdalena Gonzalez

Magdalena is an Anthropologist working in the field of education. She believes education is a key tool towards abating societal inequities that perpetuate disenfranchised communities. Her current research is focused on global citizenry in the 21st century and educations role in international understanding.