Our Values

When you support Yours Humanly, you are working with an organization that values children and works to empower them through access to quality education. Our values are at the heart of our mission to support the education of underprivileged children around the world.


Passion for Education

Quality education from credible institutions in safe, nurturing environments is crucial to empowering young people, who will become tomorrow’s leaders and innovators. That’s why we offer underprivileged children, who are eager to learn, the chance to get an education that will lift them up out of difficult situations and instill in them confidence and self-esteem.



With strict monitoring guidelines in place, Yours Humanly upholds the highest levels of transparency both within our organization and between our organization and valued donors. This means that when you support children through your generous donations, your funds are disbursed directly to the institutions and organizations with whom we partner.


Integrity and High Ethical Standards

Our commitment to unimpeachable integrity and the highest ethical standards aligns with our commitment to children. As such, we carefully and responsibly distribute donations to maximize the positive impact we make on the children we serve. With every decision and every action, we consider our mission, our donors, and the overriding needs of the communities we serve first and foremost.



Charged with ensuring that our management practices guarantee the long-term sustainability of our organization, we are committed to protecting our valuable resources. We stretch donated dollars to accomplish the most possible and to make use of the funds in ways that align with our mission and the wishes of our donors.


Unrelenting Commitment

Our commitment to the children we help is unwavering. Every child we assist through our Coloring Futures program is guaranteed educational support through twelfth grade. As a result, we budget our funds accordingly and assign priority to students already placed within schools.



We recognize our work takes place within a diverse and multicultural world and is made stronger and more effective by embracing diverse ideas and approaches as we develop and implement our programs and services. Variety in the backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and beliefs of the people with whom we work and the people we serve is one of our greatest assets.