Help Us Support Puerto Rico with Hurricane Maria Relief


Yours Humanly

October 30, 2017

Help Us Support Puerto Rico with Hurricane Maria Relief

It’s been well over a month since Hurricane Maria devastated the people of Puerto Rico. Most of the island is still without power or safe drinking water, and the American citizens there are still in desperate need of help. There are many ways you can go about donating time, money or other more tangible items to the cause, and we encourage you to do so!

At Yours Humanly, we specifically want to help rebuild the public school system that is expected to have difficulty recovering. It will take a long time for Puerto Rico to assess the damage, clean up and rebuild, and restore livable conditions to its people. It may take many more weeks to even start that process, and longer than that for homes, roads, and other infrastructure to be restored. Eventually, once all that is done, they can start focusing on re-opening schools.

Rebuilding schools will mean getting children back in the classroom as soon as possible, and Yours Humanly wants to assist in that campaign however possible. We will raise donations to help with the financial burden of rebuilding, as well as donate any backpacks, computers and other essential school supplies we can. We will fund temporary portable classrooms, buy books, and send educational materials. We will do whatever it takes to help the Puerto Rican government get their educational system back on track.

This effort can’t wait another moment, so we are starting the fundraising right now. When the call is made and the need arises, we will send whatever we have raised to the people of Puerto Rico. We will also have a team on the ground there for a few days to expedite the process. Hopefully, our work will drive the rebuilding of schools and get kids back in the classroom where they deserve to be.

If you’d like to contribute, please consider donating your time, supplies or money to Yours Humanly, and help put the children of Puerto Rico back in school.

Jeremy Dorn

Jeremy is a Nashville-based freelance writer with clients in every type of industry across the United States. He was drawn to Yours Humanly by its promising mission to educate underprivileged children across the world. He believes education, philanthropy, and positive reinforcement will go a long way to assuring a better future.